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Vastu & Mirrors

By on January 8, 2013

Mirrors are a necessity in every home as well as business place and they play an important role in adorning the interior and exterior of the house. Along with adding to the beauty of place, mirrors are also important in terms of vastu as they help attract energies that optimize the positivity of a family or business. Quality and orientation of mirrors play an important role in rectifying or boosting financial and health problems of a family or a business person. As per vastu, mirror placement can also help correct imbalances created by irregular shaped structures. Apart from this, it has also been observed that defective mirrors can add on to miseries.

Vastu and mirrors are deeply connected and influence the lives of residents and different parts of a house is affected differently by mirrors. Here we will have short discussion on vastu and mirrors at residence:

Bedroom mirrors: Mirrors affect our lives drastically and hence, their proper arrangement as per vastu is really important. Vastu mirror norms put direct effect on the conjugal relationships of the spouse sharing the room and also affect the children using their bedroom to study or performing other activities. These reflective surfaces influence our lives in most potent way and so its important to handle these objects with prior knowledge regarding placement and use of mirrors as per vastu mirror norms.

The best permissible position to place mirrors to avoid mishappening is the walls of North and East direction. They should not face east direction & main gate should not be used to place mirrors or other items with shining surface. In fact television and home theaters should be stored in South East direction and must be covered up when not in use. Dressing table arranged by the side of bed is good but it should not be in front of bed reflecting your body or image while lying on bed.

Mirror should not be hanged near study table in children bedroom as it hampers their concentration. Also avoid hanging mirror or other reflective item in west direction. Similarly, mirrors placed in South direction make the child stubborn and rebellious so this arrangement should be avoided.

Kitchen mirrors: Electric stoves and gas burners represent prosperity and by doubling them with the aid of mirrors can double the wealth too.

Mirror in locker room: Vastu mirror placement ideas must be unique this time as Feng Shui brings luck with mirror in this room. If mirror is placed in a position such that it reflects the wealth of the locker then it promotes wealth and prosperity.

Dining room: Mirrors reflecting the dining table and eatables placed on it double the quantity in reflective image and hence, is considered good to boost the wealth.

Vastu and mirrors for other corners of home: Amazing things can be experienced at home if mirrors are place at a position to pull outdoor warmth from sun and nature. If your window brings to you wonderful natural views of garden then placing a mirror on the wall opposite to the window can bring luck to you.

Narrow passage actually constricts the energy of the space and influences the health negatively. Positivity can be enhanced by placing mirrors on one or both sides of the passage. However, remember not to place two mirrors facing each other.

Mirrors are also used to disperse the negativity and prevent any misfortune from happening. Hence, they can be placed in a position reflecting any negative or distorting image which may be harming the positivity inside you.

It is quite clear that prior knowledge of vastu and mirrors can bring luck to you while dispersing the negative influences of energy. Always try to incorporate right vastu mirror placement ideas in your home décor to keep away the misfortunes.

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