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Curtains and Upholstery Trends 2013

By on January 7, 2013
Curtain Ideas

Curtains had taken a back seat in past few years when people were immersed in the flavor of so called modernity. However, the fever has gone and now your home can feel the same old charm with new curtain trends. Latest curtain trends are more inclined towards adding texture and curves to your interior, doesn’t matter home or office. Blinds of all types are taking a back seat in 2013 when homemakers and office designers will go for curtains to embellish doors or windows of any size. Curtains are also considered practical options for every interior with an objective to encompass too much of good thing with minimal fashion.

2013 is also a year to enjoy changes in upholstery trends with fresh new arrivals knocking the doors of showrooms. However, these changes are not dramatic but very subtle and help you provide your interior with different surprising looks every year.

Whatever the trend is, the thing of prime concern is to know your own individual style of furnishing. We will discuss here latest curtain trends and complementing upholstery trend which can add personality to your room.

Latest curtain and upholstery trends to suite your mood:

Most important is to add theme to your home. If you are a personality more influenced with history then high quality craftsmanship will be your perfect companion. History is the treasure of art whose intrinsic values still influence many and encourage them to look for similar options to add to their décor in order to keep parallel with the glorious saga of past. Curtain ideas matching this trend encourage for fabrics like jacquard, satin and silk embroidered with gold fibers. It is actually an attempt for non-returnable era in a venture to adapt the elements of past in contemporary lifestyle. Your upholstery trend will also follow the suite and you can choose something with the shades of brown and golden.

Curtain Trends

Dream Curtain Design

Eccentric is the defining word for those who are brave in terms of extravagance. Unconventional collections and unique artistic approaches define such people. Fabrics with ornamental and floral patterns and unusual combinations of colors are the factors matching the curtain ideas. Light colored upholstery will go with the trend to highlight your mood.

Upholstery Trends

Dream Curtain Design

Latest Curtain Trends

Dream Curtain Design

Simplistic approach, free spirit and comfort can be the next theme for latest curtain trend. Natural is the color of choice for curtains so what can be more suitable than green! Strange contrast, lightweight, and bright arrangement are the mood creating elements. Cotton is the best fabric which will suit this mood. Curtains with shades of orange and olive green are awesome and adding glitter, you can use upholstery in white, dark brown or shades of chocolate.

If you are in mood to add spark to the overall appearance to your house then slight changes in color and pattern of curtain and upholstery will do the magic this new year. Place of interest can be Dream Curtain Design, from where one can shop for a variety of curtains and upholstery. Other places of interest can be Mesmerization, Expressions and Elements.



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